An apple bite a day..keeps cancer away!!!

An apple bite a day..keeps cancer away!!!
An apple bite a day..keeps cancer away!!!

An apple bite a day..keeps cancer away!!!

Do you know which is the world's second most consumed fruit? U won't believe its Apple!!! Apple is the world's second most consumed fruit after bananas!!!!

We all know the famous age-old saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is attributable to its high nutrient value. Apple is a rich source of dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins and polyphenol.

Apple has shown protective effect against various diseases such as
• Cancer
• Asthma and lung dysfunction
• Heart diseases
• Alzheimer's disease
• Anti aging
• Weight management and
• Diabetes

Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal, uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal cells and spreads to other parts of body either through blood, lymphatic vessels or through direct invasion. Beneficial effects of consumption of apple are shown in colorectal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and brain tumour.

How does consumption of apple benefit in cancer protection? Let's have a look...
• Apple polyphenol controls cell survival, growth, and proliferation through various signalling pathways.
• Inhibits cell migration and invasion thereby mitigating spread of cancer.
• Promotes death of cells having damaged DNA. These cells are prone for development of cancer and various neurodegenerative diseases e.g. Alzheimer’s disease.
• Phloretin isolated from apple peel has a potent chemo-preventive activity in human Glioblastoma (brain tumour) cells through the generation of reactive oxygen species.Reactive oxygen species are normal product of cellular metabolism and when produced by stress cause cell death by oxidative damage.

I am sure after reading so many benefits of consuming an apple one would surely increase it's intake!!!!

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